Ugg Boot Guide : How to care after your ugg boots to look great at all times!

  1. Water protection and wearing in different seasons

    • Due to the delicate nature of sheepskin, walking in water and ice should be avoided as this can damage and stain the material of your boots.

    • However, thanks to Waproo water protection spray, you no longer need to worry! The spray (which is a free item when you buy a pair of sheepskin boots from OZ STORE, worth $20AUS) means that you can brave all weathers without worrying about damaging the material of your boots!

  2. Cleaning

    • Firstly, apply a small amount of water to the boots.

    • You then want to apply a small amount of cleaner and conditioner to the boots.

    • Remove the excess water and soap.

    • Stuff the boots with tissue while they dry to stop them using their shape.

    • Using a suede brush to gently neaten the outside of the boots.

    • TIP: a small amount of baking soda in the boots will help eliminate any odours!

  3. Fixing rips and holes and replacing buttons

    • To avoid rips and tears in the first place, keep nails trimmed and do not stuff your trousers into them which ultimately stretches and damages the material.

    • Most shoe repair places will fix this for you for a small price.

    • However, if you want to do this at home, use a needle and thread and watch some tutorials on YouTube – there are some great ones out there!

  4. New insoles

    • Like all shoes, over time the sheepskin in the boots will wear away and lose their insulation.

    • For a small price you can buy replacement insoles that keep your boots fresh and warm!

    • Take out the old insoles and give your boots time to air out to eliminate any odours.

    • Then simply place the new one in and voile, a good as new pair of boots!

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