Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - Xiaomi Mijia Roborock 2nd Gen - Automatic Area Cleaning Assistant

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - Xiaomi Mijia Roborock 2nd Gen - Automatic Area Cleaning Assistant


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Slash the time you spend doing household chores with the Xiaomi Mijia S50 RoboRock Vacuum Cleaner (2nd Gen) - it’s as easy as pushing a button.

We’ve got a question for you - what do you do on Sunday mornings?

If your answer is “Laundry & Cleaning Up”, you are in for a treat with the Roborock.

Spills Happen. Dust creeps in, pet fur gets in the way, and let’s face it, crumbs are the enemy.

But no stress, the Roborock is a Cleaning Assistant that’s here to take care of these problems for you.

Brought to you by Xiaomi - one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world, the Roborock is a mighty upgrade to your good old fashioned Vacuum Cleaner.

Featuring a 2-in-1 sweeping & mopping function, impressive suction power that lifts even cereal and grains off the floor, improved mobile app experience, The Xiaomi Roborock S50 is a definite upscale from its predecessor, we’re bringing to you a whole new world of convenience.


Get help doing your household chores with a Cleaning Assistant that is:

  • Intelligent
    • Includes a 2-in-1 function to Sweep and Mop your floors
    • Smart Plant Bionics System allows retention of sufficient for mopping
    • Anti-Hair Design filters out for hair & fur so it the motor bearings don’t get blocked
    • Automatically stops at charging station if the battery is low, before resuming work
    • So smart it runs on 4 processors?
    • Detects obstacles and reduces collisions with 12 Enhanced Sensors & Compass:
      • Maintains a 10mm distance from wall to prevent damage to your paint & furniture
      • 4x cliff sensors identify edges & avoid falling off from stairs
      • Double electronic compass identifies virtual walls accurately to prevent it from bumping into furniture while on its job.

“My best buy of 2018 so far! I turn it on before going to work and when I am back - voila! The floor is clean. What a time saver!” ~ Dmitry B.


  • Efficient
    • Boasts of 2000Pa suction power - strong enough to handle everyday spills and food particles on the floor.
    • Can handle both floors & carpets with the same ease - the Roborock automatically identifies carpets and adjusts the suction power accordingly.
    • With a robust multi-brush tornado cleaning system that includes a floating brush to fit the ground closely, coordinated with the side brushes and roll brushes, this vacuum cleans up your floor better than you yourself would.  
    • Worried about the robot bumping into your furniture? The in-built area scanner scans the room with high precision, and the multi-sensor system prevents collisions and damage to your furniture and walls.
    • With a ground clearance of 2 cms, the roborock comfortably passes through doorsteps and over your carpets too!

“We really <3 love the bonus of very convenient installation and removal of the tank” ~ Customer Review

  • Hard-Working
    • High-precision LDS sensor scans the room at a whopping 5 x 360 degrees per second
    • The SLAM algorithm automatically maps the optimal cleaning path around a room and allows you to override this on the Mijia phone app
    • The new infrared charging base has a 180 degree and 4m maximum range infrared coverage, allowing the robot to charge more efficiently
    • Low noise levels due to its closed sound-proof cotton and porous air sieve, ensure it works with minimum sound & distraction.
    • Syncs seamlessly with the Mijia app - allowing you to check cleaning status, battery level in real time, guide & control the robot remotely, and effortlessly set automatic cleaning schedules.
  • Uber-Cool 
    • Let’s face it, a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Roborock S50 sounds pretty neat to own
    • We use it here at our office as well and 30 days in, it’s still amusing to watch it go about doing its job. The novelty doesn’t wear off!
    • Fun Fact: We’ve named our Rosie after the robot cleaner from The Jetsons (A cartoon that used to be popular in the ’90s)

What's Xiaomi?

About Xiaomi:

As of Q2 2018, Xiaomi is now the 4th largest smartphone manufacturer in the world and has won various awards and accolades for their innovation. As a brand, Xiaomi stresses heavily on the importance of selling a lifestyle, and the key to that lifestyle is MIUI, their software layer that ties all of these things together.

They have ventured into the home automation & smart home electronics fields. The Roborock along with other products are making waves, and they are well on their way to bringing the “Internet of Things” into your home.

Technical Specs:


Xiaomi Mijia Roborock Vacuum Cleaner 2

Suction power


Input Voltage

100V ~ 240V


Built-in 5200mAh Lithium Battery




Global Version

Rated power


Rated voltage


Battery Life

2.5 Hours

Dust Capacity



36-month Manufacturer Warranty

Do more with your day. Or not. We’re not judging.

Get The Xiaomi Mijia RoboRock S50 and kick back while it takes care of your daily cleaning up.

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Todo perfecto, envio muy rápido,grande vendedor

Todo perfecto, envio muy rápido,grande vendedor

Doporučuji, myslím, že kvalita je dobrá.

Doporučuji, myslím, že kvalita je dobrá. Vysává dobře, mop využívám také. Určitě záleží na materiálu podlahové plochy, my máme velkofotmátovou dlažbu v celém přízemí a funguje to perfektně.

Received it reasonably fast.

Received it reasonably fast. Only tracking info was not accurate. Product received, while tracking " ready for dispatch" But performance is above expectations. Works very well.

espectacular impresionante, solo un dia en recibirlo, es impresionante lo que recoge al dia este ...

espectacular impresionante, solo un dia en recibirlo, es impresionante lo que recoge al dia este aparato del suelo, ya puedes barrer que si pasas el robot llena el recipiente de pelusas etc

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