Best Wireless Charger and Powerbank - 2-in-1 - 10000 mAh

Best Wireless Charger and Powerbank - 2-in-1 - 10000 mAh


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Living Room. Workstation. Bedside. Kitchen. If you have a charging point at each of these spots, the Oz Store Powerbank is the portable charger you need. One charger, multiple devices. Slim and compact. Easy to carry around. Charge once, use across all your devices.

It’s a 2-in-1 Wireless Charger and a Powerbank - ensuring you can always charge your phone on the move, no matter where you are. Yes, you can take it out with you on a camping trip! Is your device Qi-enabled? Great - take advantage of the Wireless Charging capability. If not, no worries, - that’s the beauty of the USB Charging port provided on the device.

Charge your devices wirelessly with our new Qi-Certified Wireless Charger.

  • This wireless charger delivers power to your smartphone fast without sacrificing charging speeds at 5 Watt / 1 AMP Output
  • Slim, elegant design - easy to carry around, fits comfortably in your pockets and bags
  • Anti Skid Charging Surface to ensure the phone stays in-place
  • Accurate indication with 6 LED lights the charging status of your device
  • Wireless charge compatible with all major phones including latest models of iPhone, Samsung, Lumia, Huawei, LG and more
  • USB Charging port ensures compatibility with non-Qi certified device models as well
  • 10000mAH Capacity so you can charge more than once


Qi Certified:

Qi (pronounced “chee”) is the popular universal standard for Wireless Charging - wireless transfer occurs through electromagnetic induction, and the term “Qi” literally translates to “energy flow”. Qi chargers work with a wide range of devices today and is fast picking up as the de-facto standard. If your device is Qi-enabled, take advantage of the wireless capability of this charger.


LED Charging Indicators:

The 6 lights at the bottom assist in identifying if the phone is placed correctly and charging, and indicate the charging level. Remember those days when you had to go pick up the phone to see if it was fully charged? Now you can see this status from across the room!


Compact Design:

With dimensions of 135mm x 73mm, this Powerbank is just large enough to hold your phone in place. The compact build is suitable for carrying around in your pockets and/or purse, and the sleek metallic finish complements almost any kind of decor without being obtrusive.



Why Wireless Charging? Because it makes life easy. Less clutter = less stress, it’s a proven fact. We’re moving towards the trend of wirelessly connected devices - headphones, vacuum cleaners, home automation, and more. Do you remember the last time you used a wired phone?


Join the wireless movement :)


Travel Buffs:

If you’re a frequent traveller and find yourself packing your bag with chargers for every device - camera, phone, kindle, iPad, smartwatch, and more - we’d say this Powerbank is a must-have. With a 10000mAH capacity, you’re assured of enough juice for at least 2 power cycles for devices like iPhone 7.



Much like wireless speakers have taken over the market and are in use everywhere now - wireless chargers are the new “in” thing. Everyone’s getting one. Jump in on the trend to cut down the number of wired devices in your home. One charger, many devices. If you’re unsure about whether to take the leap or not - give this Powerbank a try. All purchases are protected by our 30-day return policy.


Life Hack:

Plug in your Powerbank overnight while you sleep, and carry it around rest of the day wherever you go.

With the large capacity & support of multiple devices, it’s a guaranteed easy way to keep your phone, iPad & camera charged throughout the day.

The OZ STORE is committed to bringing you products that promise to give your life's an advantageous edge of convenience by boosting your gadget's life wherever you go. 

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Тавар получен.

Тавар получен. При возникновении спорного вопроса продовец быстро решил проблему всем советую

Зарядка хорошая, упаковано было очень добротно, все работает.

Зарядка хорошая, упаковано было очень добротно, все работает. Но вот доставка почти 2 месяца. Хороший и удобный, пользуюсь уже больше месяца, все отлично.

Товар пришел, не очень быстро, но доставка курьером.

Товар пришел, не очень быстро, но доставка курьером. Упакован хорошо. Продавец молодец, рекомендую.

Добрый день.

Добрый день. Посылка шла очень, долго из-за задержек на таможне. Плохое отслеживание маршрута или тормоза на маршруте.

Отличная зарядка.

Отличная зарядка.Заряжает айфон 8+ даже через тольстый чехол))))быстро заряжает,очень удобная штука

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